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Some subjects pose a challenge when they in some way, shape or form they are connected. Some may feel they are the same thing but referred as another name. Finance and accounting subject areas may present similar content but how it is viewed depends on the writer. Accounting thesis topics for postgraduate students may comprise of ideas such as micro financing, work ethics related to accounting positions, internet banking concepts in other countries, and reviewing a banking sector of a foreign country of choice. Other accounting ideas: accounting manipulations commonly found by investors, shocking accounting scandals, financial instruments, planning in the insurance sector, and capital evaluation.

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Ive spent the last few months pulling my hair out trying to think of an accountancy thesis topic. Every idea that I think of seems to be impossible to achieve,requiring access to the big 4 etc etc..i'm just looking for a manageable topic that i can do my thesis on but its proving impossible....would really like to do something in the area of tax if possible but open to any suggestions!!

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