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Author and the supervisor are equally important for the success of the thesis. Supervisor’s guidance is very significant, especially for a . The student as the author has to give credit and should be grateful and should acknowledge this fact. Usually, it takes the first place in almost all the thesis acknowledgements. As the supervisor has to play a major role in the acceptance of the thesis, acknowledging the value of his/her help prominently is a must.

“In my American dictionary, acknowledgement is the first choice, meaning it is preferred. ”

I would like to gratefully acknowledge the guidance, support and encouragement of my doctoral advisor, Dr. Chair, and the members of my committee during my time at University, as well as Dr. Helpful for her continued mentorship and collaboration, and for logging many miles between City A, City B and City C while on my committee.

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Once written, try to read the acknowledgement with the eyes of yourself ten years down the line, with the eyes of an employer five years later and with the eyes of the examiners and colleagues now. Always check the acknowledgements for unintended messages: for example, a four-page acknowledgement section thanking everyone in the address book including the cats and dogs of the neighbour's nephew, while barely spending half a line acknowledging the role of one's advisors, may give an unintended message of a broken supervision structure.