6 credits of coursework in Anthropology at the 600 level.

Elisabeth Carter Powell. Anthropologists in Business: Professing Anthropology in the Classroom of Everyday Life. (Rena Lederman)

ANTH V3040 Anthropological Theory I. 4 points.

What do we mean when we say something is "in crisis"? How do we recognize crisis and what are the consequences of that recognition? We will approach these questions by revisiting and reclaiming several key texts from within and beyond anthropology on the intertwined problems of crisis and social reproduction

ANTH V3861 Anthropology of the Anthropocene. 4 points.

ANTH V3041 Anthropological Theory II. 4 points.

Anthropology at Columbia is the oldest department of anthropology in the United States. Founded by Franz Boas in 1896 as a site of academic inquiry inspired by the uniqueness of cultures and their histories, the department fosters an expansiveness of thought and independence of intellectual pursuit.

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