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The Degree Show is an annual exhibition of architectural thesis projects produced by the Master of Architecture Degree final year students in the Department of Architecture of the University of Hong Kong. The projects represent the students’ visions of the built-environment, reflecting their concerns with social and cultural environments, and their determination to tackle contemporary issues in Architecture with new approaches.

With over sixty years of education history, the Department continues to promote public awareness of architecture, urbanism, heritage, the latest intellectual discourse, and research within the discipline. The Degree Show is an opportunity to introduce to the public the achievements of our graduating students.

Included in the Degree Show are graduation projects of the Bachelor of Arts in Architectural Studies, projects of the Master of Landscape Architecture and Bachelor of Arts in Landscape Studies degree programmes.

The exhibition will be held from June 21 to July 2, 2014 in the Department of Architecture on the third and sixth floors of Knowles Building from 11:00 am to 7:00 pm (Saturdays and Sundays inclusive).

For enquiries please contact the Department of Architecture at 2859 8992.

Preter: RMIT architecture thesis projects 2002-2003Harrison, S.

Explore to know it Architectural Thesis Project is a Arts architectural thesis & humanities postgraduate unit offered by Curtin University through Open Universities Australia. Those looking to complete an architecture thesis will know that it’s by no means easy. 119 or 4. Investigation and Development of Architectural Process through the Adaptive Reuse of "Big Box" Architecture. 10/2009 Department of Architecture Undergraduate Thesis Proposal Submit to room 7-337 by the end of the term that you complete 4

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Advisor for Master's of Architecture and Bachelor's of Architecturethesis projects.

In this article, we will discuss various stages which you have to follow while carrying out your Architectural Thesis Project.