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Augmented Reality can be described as the process of overlaying computer generated image, sound and information over a real life object, in real time, (Ludwig, 2009). It enhances the real world, rather than replace it, (Azuma, 1997). Augmented Reality has the following characteristic, (Azuma, 1997):

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Another application for augmented reality in the medical domain is in ultrasound imaging (). Using an optical see-through display the ultrasound technician can view a volumetric rendered image of the fetus overlaid on the abdomen of the pregnant woman. The image appears as if it were inside of the abdomen and is correctly rendered as the user moves. Information about this prototype system can be found in ().

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This dissertation presents interaction techniques for 3D modelling of large structures in outdoor augmented reality environments. Augmented reality is the process of registering projected computer-generated images over a user's view of the physical world. With the use of a mobile computer, augmented reality can also be experienced in an outdoor environment. Working in a mobile outdoor environment introduces new challenges not previously encountered indoors, requiring the development of new user interfaces to interact with the computer. Current AR systems only support limited interactions and so the complexity of applications that can be developed is also limited.