We are offering bachelor thesis topics! Our group provides a .

One easy way to find areas that are open for investigation is to review past papers within your subject area. Most theses will identify areas that require additional research or areas of weakness within their own works, these can often be real gems for finding bachelor thesis topics.

I am third year Petroleum  student and desperately in need of bachelor thesis topics.

in the table below you can find possible bachelor thesis topics. The topics may be chosen by all students who have reached 120 LPs and study the subject area Public Management (PUMA). In addition, we recommend that you should have completed a Public Management seminar successfully.

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Bachelor thesis topics:

By far the hardest part of any dissertation or thesis is not the writing; it is often the very point from which you start; the selection of your bachelor thesis topics. What is it that you will actually write your thesis about?

Bachelor thesis topics

Some topics are suitable for both Bachelor and Masters students (indicated below a topic), with the appropriate adjustment to the workload. Additional topics are possible upon discussion (please contact group members directly).