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Try using the basic thesis statement, which is described in The Simple Guide to Thesis Statements and Support. In the basic thesis statement style, writers start out with a thought they want to share then place one of these phrases before it:

How to write a basic thesis statement (especially useful for writing five-paragraph essays)

The basic thesis statement format is a simple method to get writers started with thesis statements. It can increase a writer’s comfort level and improve the quality of the initial thesis statements. And it can be used in essays, letters and everyday writing. Try out the basic thesis statement format to find out how easy it is to use.

Broken down to its most basic thesis statement,

I. Basic thesis statement

A writer could compose any number of thesis statements using the basic thesis statement format. It is easy to follow, and it is easy to remember. Once a beginning writer feels comfortable with the basic thesis statement and wants to elevate the basic thesis statement, simply leave off the introductory phrase.

Michael would benefit from a learning activity designed to help him develop a thesis statement that would clearly introduce the essay topic in a manner that follows "logically from the task" (Rubric: Content and Analysis). The teacher could first ask Michael to reread the essay assignment and identify the purpose of the assignment. Next, the teacher could show Michael how to rephrase the assignment to create a basic thesis statement. For example: "In Esmeralda Santiago's memoir "When I Was Puerto Rican," the author uses the setting to convey information about her thoughts and feelings." Next, the teacher could ask Michael to highlight the details of setting in his draft and then, in a different color, highlight explanations about Santiago's thoughts and feelings, and finally, discuss his findings with the teacher.The expansion of a five-paragraph essay form into a longer essay is a simple matter. Write a basic thesis statement with three basic proofs and clincher sentence. Then form a five-paragraph essay using the basic thesis and the first basic proof of your thesis for the first section. Repeat the process for two more five-paragraph sections. End with a paragraph of conclusion that restates the opening paragraph of the essay. Remember to use transitions to tie all the parts together.