1)What is “the bell curve thesis”

I keep on reading you from time to time. I do not share your ideas and perspective but there is undoubtedly a real thought that strives to grasp her environment and your analyses are often subtle. However, I wonder how you can intellectually deal with some fascinating work as the ones of . I do not think your insistence on the “Bell Curve thesis” can honestly been maintained when faced with the experiences he has led.

STUDY GUIDE FOR “THE BELL CURVE THESIS” by Herrnstein and Murray and a response by Fischer, et al

Finally, there is the reception of the entire scientific community itself. "Within the sophisticated research community, the opinion has been virtually unanimous that 'The Bell Curve' was a primitive, oversimplistic and flawed analysis," says Craig T. Ramey, a professor of psychiatry and pediatrics at the University of Alabama. (13) Many scientists have been writing detailed, technical refutations to The Bell Curve. A team of sociologists led by Claude Fischer has addressed the sociological arguments raised by The Bell Curve in their book, Inequality by Design. (14) Reanalyzing the very data used by Herrnstein and Murray, they correct many of the statistical errors and show how the environment, not genes, plays a larger role in who gets ahead in life.

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for a suful article on social education and culural capital afrom this you can work out why the Bell Curve thesis is inadequate

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