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Rutger Kerkkamp has been awarded the Van Hemelrijk-prize for the best master thesis in 2014 in the field of Statistics and Operations Research in the Netherlands.

Third Best Master Thesis: Victor Manuel Quintero Leon, M.A. -

During the PhysPhar 2014 meeting inMaastricht, Sanne van Raaij (PhD student at the Depts. LaboratoryMedicine and Pharmacology-Toxicology) received the Best MasterThesis Award 2013-2014 from the Dutch Pharmacological Society.

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Second Best Master Thesis:  Sophie Edington-Cheater, M.A. - “Piracy in the Straits of Malacca”

During the opening ceremony of the Euromaintenance 2012, the biennial EFNMS Maintenance Congress & Exhibition in Belgrade, the EFNMS Excellence Award 2012 for the Best Master Thesis in Maintenance was granted to Mr. Francesco Di Leone from Politecnico Di Milano for his Master Thesis entitled:

Best Master Thesis: Michaela Böhme M.A. - “Making global champions: The role of the state in explaining the international expansion of Chinese multinational enterprises.”Second Best Master Thesis: Simon Tundermann, M.A. - "Rescaling Europe out of the Crisis? An analysis of EU Actors`Contesting Opinions on the European Stability Mechanism and the Scalar Transformation of European Space" Third Best Master Thesis: Ruth Ennis M.A. – “From Democracy and Development to the Securitised Shores of the Sahara Sea: The ebb and flow of discourse on human trafficking as produced by actors in and connected with the African Union.”
Best Master Thesis:
Andrew Bell, M.A. - "One law on the books, another on the ground: Land tenure and land markets in late- and post-colonial Kenya and Rwanda"