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To create the best thesis statement, students should read through a number of different examples. The thesis is intended to help organize and demonstrate an argument. In essence, the thesis guides the reader to the argument. It tests the quality of the student's ideas by placing them in just one or two sentences. In dissertations, the thesis is one of the most important parts. To get a good score on the paper, students must be able to demonstrate a strong, arguable thesis.

A. Anywhere at all, since the best thesis statement is implied, not specified

Lastly, and most importantly, the very best thesis statements in the world undergo editing. This may seem like a no-brainer, or at the worst, an unnecessary step to some; however, if you want to produce a crucially effective thesis statement, you always need to review and edit. This will ensure that your thesis is the best it can be, as clear as can be, and as effective as it can be. At this stage, you may also want to develop a list of other thesis ideas. Your first thesis concept is not, necessarily, the one you want to commit to. Bat around a few other ideas – draft up some other thesis statements – and compare them. Which ones are your best? Which ones are your least favorite? The best thesis statements weren’t always the ones that first came to mind – sometimes it took weeks to find them!

Question : Choose the best thesis statement

2. Which of these is the best thesis statement for the focus question “How can people prepare for natural disasters?”

Secondly, the best thesis statements are also the most interesting. Don’t let human curiosity be left on the backburner; the more intriguing and genuinely thought-provoking your thesis, the more successful it is going to be. You definitely don’t want to play it safe in this area. Pick something that’s a hot topic in the current field, or something that sparks your interest. It’s guaranteed to draw your reader’s attention much more swiftly than a play-it-safe type thesis.