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The student must successfully pass a qualifying exam within 24 months after entering the PhD program. The exam consists of written and oral parts. The written part has two sections, the bioinformatics section and an elective section chosen from written qualifying exam sections offered by one of the participating units (typically, but not necessarily, by the home unit). The oral examination is approximately one hour in length and focused on the proposal the student has to write as his tentative grant proposal on a Bioinformatics topic not directly related to his or her research though it could be a conceivable extension beyond the thesis research limits. The written exam in Bioinformatics and the oral exam are administered by a faculty committee consisting of:

* Any graduate level course deemed related to the field of bioinformatics by the program director.

The requirements for each student in the PhD program in Bioinformatics include the successful completion of a set of core courses in Biology, Biochemistry, Mathematics, Physics, Computer Science, etc, while the main emphasis of the program is on the successful completion of an original and independent research project. Each student must also complete a minor program of studies in accordance with Institute policies.

Template for Masters of Bioinformatics thesis at the KUL.

2002-2008: Studies inBioinformatics at the Friedrich-Schiller-University Jena

In my Ph.D. thesis (December 2007) I developed some Computational Frameworks for wiring human and yeast proteomes . The work was carried out at the Dep. of Biology of the University of Tor Vergata from December 2004 to February 2007 (advisor Prof.G. Cesareni ) and elsewhere for the other 10 months, given my status of PhD student without ministerial fellowship; For my Master in Bioinformatics thesis (2003) I developed some computational frameworks to link differential expression genes with the presence of functional motifs in its related upstream regions (advisor prof. R. Calogero).