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The biology thesis paper will also depend on other resource materials. That being the case, you should learn how to use other documents that will give your paper more credibility. You can use anything from books to research papers, internet sites to journals and other publications. As always, you need to cite each and every reference material. You can use the APA format, which is suitable for writing science based papers.

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After all questioning is completed, the examiners meet to review the student's performance. If the faculty feel that the student has not displayed a sufficient grasp of either general biology or the field of specialization, then the student may be required to retake the exam, or designated sections of the exam. The committee may also require additional courses, a written exam on a certain topic, an undergraduate lecture, or other remedies for weaknesses.

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MIT Biology offers the following interdisciplinary program for graduate students.

a) Each Honours Thesis student will have an "advisory committee" consisting of a supervisor (or co-supervisors) and one other faculty member from the Biology Department preferably with some interest in the subject of the thesis. In some cases, the supervisor may come from outside the department. Students with supervisors outside the department must have a Biology faculty member as a co-supervisor. This person is not a collaborator but is required to ensure that all requirements are met at the Biology thesis course standard.