Submit your final hard-bound thesis in person or by post to:

UBuildABook's on-demand thesis printing and binding service offers graduate students a reasonably priced, attractive hard cover binding option that is easy and fast. Our service has been designed to simplify the last step in the process of producing a bound thesis that meets the requirements of your university or college.

We at THESIS BOUND understand the requirements for all major colleges and universities.

A scanned copy of the signed Hard Bound Thesis Declaration and a copy of the Summary/Abstract - with your full name and the title of the thesis at the top can be emailed to

Binding of Hard Bound Thesis Cover

Do my personal and departmental copies need to be bound through the Wallace Center?

Hard-bound theses must have the pages sown in (not punched) and soft-bound theses should have the pages glued in. Theses submitted in any other form of binding, including ring binding, will not be accepted.

We at THESIS BOUND understand the requirements for all major colleges and universities. Bring your copy (or copies) for binding to us and our master binder will guide you through your specific requirements and will discuss any special request you may have.However, some Degree Committees will inform you that they have local arrangements for submitting the hard bound thesis, in which case follow their guidance as well as the guidance above and submit to the Degree Committee.You can send your loose copy of the Summary/Abstract and the signed Hard Bound Thesis Declaration via email to , or send hard copies through the post to the address for the Student Registry as below.Hard case binding to be bound in the traditional method ie. spine rounded and backed, cloth material to be Arbelave Library buckram (as recommended by the University Library). Colour choice is up to the individual. In general, the thickness of a single volume (excluding the case) should not exceed 7cm. Lettering on the spine (hot foil embossing, not digital foil printing) should consist of title, initials and surname in gold running from top to bottom. This must all be in capital letters (unless part of the title requires lower case).