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An analytical paper analyses issues, events and processes as the name suggests. What is expected of you is that you will have done extensive background research, and will provide evidence that is based on facts. Like every essay type, you have to build a thesis statement and prove your thesis with the help of facts. An expository essay is similar in many ways and is sometimes confused with an analytical one. The difference is for research based, factual evidence required. An exposition does not call for an elaborate analysis.

Understanding of How to Build a Thesis Statement Makes Essay Writing Easier

Values & Ethics Dimension: College Writing I: Critical Thinking & Writing (ENG CC 110) (3 credits)
The central/main themes and rhetorical strategies /modes will help students understand the interconnectedness of writing, reading, and grammar, which will be discussed in class. Focus will be placed upon structuring the expository essay, the comparison/contrast essay, the cause-and-effect essay and the argumentative essay. After completion of this course students will have many of the basic skills that will enable them to analyze, build a thesis statement, a paragraph, the body and conclusion of the essays discussed above, in order to prepare them for the modern day business professions. 3 credits.

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As far as Essay-writing is concerned, it requires thorough understanding of the topic and one must know how to build a thesis statement of the topic. In addition, argumentative and critical approach of analysis along with appropriate fact & figures is also required for a good essay. Write, write and write as much as you can because in my opinion extensive practice of writing is the best technique for this paper.