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While enrolled in SOCI 400, you will work independently, but under supervision, to produce an original work which draws upon what has been learned in your courses. The project usually takes the form of collecting and analyzing your own data but some students build a thesis by reinterpreting or extending the analysis of data already collected by someone else. It is even possible to analyze critically or extend some aspect of theory to interpret a specific topic in either discipline.

Building a Thesis Statement - Writing Program

Mentorship is secured by a Tutor in the first stage of the programme and by the former and the Supervisor once the candidate proceeds to the second stage. The Tutor is chosen among the CGSL faculty. The Tutor’s role is to support and monitor Ph.D. candidates. In the first stage of the programme, the Tutor (i) meets each candidate to learn about his/her research agenda and to help him/her build a thesis proposal; (ii) directs him/her to faculty members who have published in the area; (iii) assists the candidate in selecting a pool of potential supervisors; (iv) suggests the attendance of courses, seminars, and conferences besides the formal curriculum that are likely to enrich the candidate’s knowledge and to lend greater focus to his/her research goals; (v) and answers the candidates’ queries and concerns about the curricular mechanics and the administrative structure of the programme. In sum, the Tutor personifies the institutional support that the Law School grants each candidate from the very first day into the programme.

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