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John graduated with a BE with honours from the University of Canterbury in 1962 and followed this in 1964 with an ME with distinction. He followed this by working with the Ministry of Works on Roading and Motorway Bridge Design and construction. In 1970 he started a PhD at California Institute of Technology. This was concerned with earth pressures on stiff retaining structures. It is notable that even today his CalTech thesis is a standard reference in the literature on this topic, so new papers almost invariably include this as a reference. (Quite a distinction in this day when published material is expected to have a very short half life.)

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EV5 has a diameter of roughly 400 meters. It appears to have a ridge bisecting its surface, with a large chunk knocked out of one side. When asked how he felt about the prospect of a spacecraft visiting the asteroid that became the basis of his CalTech thesis, he said: "I’d love to know how accurate my shape models are."

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