ThesisTown Gives Ideas for Writing a Capital Punishment Thesis

Imagine again that a murderer has taken the life of a family member. The first feelings would be intense emotions driven by revenge and retribution. Yet these emotions are what fuel the need for violence. And capital punishment is the most violent response to the crime. This is an emotional response, not a rational one.

Capital Punishment Thesis– this is a dicey topic; handle it with care

Ethical questions are at the forefront of the debate about the permissibility of capital punishment as both a way of deterring crime and making criminals “pay” for their violent acts against individuals and society. While this is certainly not a new question, it still has not been resolved and instead, there are some states that exercise their ability to punish the harshest criminals while others, generally for moral reasons, do not. In examining the questions behind this issue, it is useful to consider public opinion and rhetoric behind this debate to determine for what reasons it is considered right or wrong to have such a criminal penalty. To best examine the questions behind the debate, objectivity is important as is a keen mind for the differences between mere rhetoric and solid empirical fact. Although there is plenty of empirical evidence to support the continuation of capital punishment in the United States, there are other more complex issues that also must be examined. We must really think hard about pain and suffering—not that of the criminal or murderer, but that which the victim and his or her family suffered as well. Murder is the most awful crime that exists and the one that our society deems heinous enough to punish with the most extreme form of punishment. We must continue supporting capital punishment so that due justice is given to those who violate society’s rules in such a drastic way and to ensure that future murders do not occur.

The History of Capital Punishment in the United States

The history of capital punishment in the United States is one of terrible violence, astonishing technological advancement, and intense controversy.

Is Capital Punishment really cruel and unjust? Should Capital Punishment be the consequence for certain heinous crimes? ... Public opinion on the merits of Capital Punishment is as controversial as the crimes that bring about such arguments. ... Wouldn"t Capital Punishment eliminate the pain and suffering for such a worthless case anyway? ... As you can see the only solution to such a complicated question is to reinstate Capital Punishment!...