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1. The Capstone Thesis Proposal. These five items will be submitted together as a basis for planning your paper and for the approval of your project. b. Controlling the range of information to be gathered and the range of analysis to be applied will help in giving focus and direction to your paper and help you to avoid a meandering and endless exploration without a point. There are approaches you can use to define scope in your writing, and these will be reviewed in the Seminar . d. You must write a brief paragraph justifying the selection of your thesis as relevant to the Global Studies Program. There is a very wide range of subject matter which can fit under the Global Studies rubric, but your topic must retain a clear element of international and intercultural interest in the context of the purposes of the program. This step in the process will help you to relate your work to an appropriate global audience.

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The Honors College Capstone Thesis is a major research or creative project prepared by an Honors student under the mentorship of a faculty member. It meets the Capstone requirement for graduating through the Honors College and is required for the Honors student who wishes to earn recognition as a Distinguished Honors Scholar.

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Students should expect to collect and/ or analyze primary or secondary data during their third semester. During the fourth semester, students will enroll in PH 645, write several drafts of the Capstone thesis, submit the final thesis and prepare for the MPH Capstone Thesis oral presentation.