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When majoring in Economics you are tasked with picking a PhD thesis topic. The PhD thesis topic should encompass a subject that is interesting to you and to others. Remember you will be working on this for three or four years so making sure the topic is of interest to you and more importantly of interest to others is a key point in creating your thesis topic. The PhD thesis period in your education is the only uninterrupted free learning time you have so use it wisely. There are many steps to choosing a PhD thesis topic and following these steps will help you to establish a great thesis topic.

Why do People Need Help When Choosing a Thesis Topic

In this lesson, we were able to discuss why a thesis topic is so important as well as the different things that we need to consider when choosing a thesis topic. We were able to discuss how an idea that merits a thesis should be novel, within the context of our major and also within our skill set or range of competencies.

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Choosing a Thesis Topic

I am MSc in Applied Mathematics,(Numerical Analysis)
but i very like to 3D Animation specially Maya.
I want to choose a thesis topic,that it have related to my studied and my interesting
How can i choosing my thesis topic?
(I’m studied bezier and b-spline Curves; PDE, ODE,Numerical Analysis and Numerical Linear Algebra)