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Ben, I think traditionally people have been afraid to speak out but with courageous non-GPL premium theme developers like Chris Pearson leading the way and the massive success Thesis has experienced I think things are going to change for the better. More developers will be willing to build well-supported quality premium themes/plugins that aren’t GPL and this will help move WP to the next level where it is perceived as a professional level CMS system that is well-supported by numerous commercial developers too. Don’t worry open source fans, there will always be the free plugins and themes if you want to settle for those.

Chris Pearson explains Thesis 2.0 AppSumo Deal - YouTube

Chris Pearson explains the Thesis 2.0 deal on AppSumo.

Thesis 2.0 officially launches on Oct. 1st, 2012......but for ONE WEEK BEFORE you can get it at a discounted price. ::woot!::

The Chief Sumo

P.S. I'm gonna eat that dog later.

Chris Pearson explains the Thesis 2.0 deal on AppSumo

Chris Pearson is the BEST!!!

Some of the above contentions cannot be disputed. For example, that Chris Pearson registered Thesis as a trademark or that Automattic paid $100,000 for the domain. Nor can anyone dispute the fact that WordPress sell any products or services with the name Thesis. Automattic could, of course, do that in the future, but it would be silly for them to do that as Thesis is so well known that it would confuse WordPress users.