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The Ministry of Communication and IT (MCIT) conducts computer training course in seven provinces of Afghanistan. These six months training courses taught computer packages for the employees of the Ministry and others sectors. At the end of this course, each participant receives a computer certificate called ECP (Electronic Certificate Printing). The current ECP issuance process faces severe problems due to the lack of procedures to validate database normalization levels in databases sent by training centers. Importation of data from non-verified database into the ECP Database has produced a mass of redundant data in an active system that cannot be redesigned from scratch. The primary consequence of this problem is that the officials in the administration office cannot find the relevant data about each student quickly, because the proper field and tables from the unverified database couldn’t be found in order to find important information such as the details of the courses and marks related to a participant. The process of issuing a certificate from the ECP database results in loss of some part of information about each participant and the courses that they take, due to inconsistent database formats in the source database. As a result, the process of receiving the certificates is time-consuming, loss of money and dissatisfaction of the people who are interested to participate in MCIT courses. This research aims to improve the efficiency of ECP issuance.

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