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When you defend your thesis, examiners will ask questions based on the information you present. To ensure that you perform well during this portion of the presentation, it is important that you try to . For example, if you are defending a thesis regarding why meat consumption is unethical, an examiner might ask you whether the presence of humane factory farms delegitimate your primary arguments. By anticipating the questions that examiners are likely to ask, you gain the opportunity to formulate clear, articulate responses that will strengthen your presentation.

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Saturday, November 14, 2015Last day to take comprehensive exam, or to defend your thesis or dissertation.

With all the students that have gone through the same degree as you are pursuing you should be able to contact one or two of them to get hints as to what types of questions the examiners will ask. Then you can come up with a list of comparable questions to help you in defending your thesis. Also visit the members of the examining committee to show them how serious you are about the defense you are preparing.