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Some students take this time to define a thesis statement based on additional information they learn about their topic. It may be easier to use the internet to get information. Depending on the topic you may have enough information based on what you know. As you collect data use a notebook or notecards to help you record your findings.

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This is just an idea… you should definitely make this thesis statement your own. For more help, I suggest you download my free, thesis statement guide (just enter your email in the box on the right bottom corner of this page).

thesis statement – definition, examples, and guidelines

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Writing a term paper involves many steps that some students often don’t think about. Of course you have to take notes, research your topic, define a thesis statement, organize your content, and write it into a term paper worthy of a passing grade. Editing and formatting are concepts students either overlook or they know little about. Editing had various technical writing aspects to consider, but formatting can be done following different formats that often confuse students. In either case, a professional writing service that offers formatting & editing for term papers have been very useful for students for various reasons.