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Definition essay should be written according to particular rules and has a certain structure. The first part is introductory. Here it is important to catch the reader’s attention to the topic. It is possible to use here a definition from a dictionary before giving your own interpretation. It is possible to resort to the use of humor in the writing. This will attract the audience’s attention and make you enjoy the process of writing this paper. A is also placed in the introduction. The body contains a few paragraphs. Each of them defines a term from a different perspective, using different criteria for the final definition of the term. Conclusion summarizes this information.

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As any definition essay deals with defining a certain term, idea or concept it goes without saying that it thesis statement should contain the essence, the most important part and meaning of the whole definition presented to the reader. Basically, it is the thesis statement that reveals the level of the definition essay as it reveals the author’s ability to single out the most crucial part of the definition of the term. It is important to mention the fact that the dictionary only helps the author to write a correct thesis statement as it provides the author with several variations and interpretations of the term. In other words the author of the thesis statement needs to understand the meaning of the term and present it to the reader using his own language and explaining the general idea of the term. In order to do so the author needs to put the borders to the definition that will be presented to the reader in the thesis statement of the definition essay.

Theses - definition of theses by The Free Dictionary

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How to start a definition essay starts with your introductory paragraph that contains the dictionary definition of the word. Another option is to start your definition essay with an opposing interpretation of the term. In a thesis you will state your personal definition of the term. The body paragraphs serve to express your own understanding of the term backed up with illustrative examples.