Compare and contrast modernisation theory and dependency theory.

An alternative to Dependency Injection is the Service Locator pattern []. Basically, it uses a central object () that knows how to locate the dependent objects (). The dependent objects are referred as services in this context. The client () requests the concrete implementation of the interface from the . In contrast to the Dependency Injection pattern the client takes an active role in retrieving the concrete implementation. Thus, it has a dependency to the (Figure 4).

P2. What is right and wrong is dependent upon, or relative to, culture (the Dependency thesis).

The debates among the liberal reformers(Prebisch), the Marxists (Andre Gunder Frank), and the worldsystems theorists (Wallerstein) was vigorous and intellectuallyquite challenging. There are still points of seriousdisagreements among the various strains of dependency theoristsand it is a mistake to think that there is only one unifiedtheory of dependency. Nonetheless, there are some corepropositions which seem to underlie the analyses of mostdependency theorists.

Argument 2 – (from the dependency thesis)

Short note on dependency theory with reference to EU - North Africa trade neg...

Other dependency theorists (Cardoso, Faletto) agreed with the primary thesis of dependency theory = that the core determined economic structure of the periphery, thereby limiting its developmental potential/ability. However, they disagreed about the solution to the problem (revolution).