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One of the most challenging aspects of writing a research paper is developing a good thesis statement. You need a thesis you can work with that will help you write a great paper. The subject matter should be something you can prove or provide support for. It should be something your audience can relate to. There are students that will put in a considerable amount of time developing their thesis which is important. This helps set the tone for the paper while providing unique insight behind it.

How do I develop a good thesis? Here is an example of how you might arrive at a strong thesis.

Professor Karen Gocsik advises that developing a good thesis is often the result of finding the "umbrella idea." Finding this idea requires that students move back and forth between a text's particularities and its big ideas in order to find a suitable "fit" between the two that the students can write about. This fit is then summed up in the "umbrella idea," or the big idea that all of their observations can stand under.

Developing A Good Thesis Statement For Your Term Paper

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Developing a good thesis for acollege-level comparison andcontrastpaper involves your looking at those similarities and differences andaskingyourself the crucial question, "So what?"