Length of the Master's Diploma Thesis: 125,000 characters ().

Assembly and First Results of the KATRIN Focal-Plane Detector System at KIT
Diploma thesis by Fabian Harms, KIT/IEKP, Jun 2012 (pdf, 21 MB)

Indicative text partially adopted from: I. Spyropoulou, , Diploma Thesis, NTUA, 2005

BY referring to sample diploma theses, students will be in a better position to ascertain how the diploma thesis differs from those of degree thesis. The main difference which becomes highlighted is the technical nature of chosen topic areas. Following are few from diploma thesis submitted by students from various courtiers where higher education is represented by diploma certification system.

Length of the Master's Diploma Thesis: 125,000 characters ().

PPT – DIPLOMA THESIS PowerPoint presentation | free to download - id: f6814-ZDc1Z

Set-up of the motion control and characterization of the ablation laser for the condensed 83mKr conversion electron source of the KATRIN experiment
Diploma thesis by Richard Bottesch, University of Münster, Jul 2012

As a rule, a diploma thesis represents an independent investigation of some significant question in an area of specialization selected by the student. The diploma thesis has as its aim the systematization, generalization, and verification of the specialized theoretical knowledge and practical skills of the graduating student. A thesis requires sufficient theoretical elaboration of the subject, including analysis of experiments, observations, or literary and other sources dealing with the question being investigated. Diploma theses of students graduating from higher educational institutions in the arts include the performance of a role (actor), the staging of a play (director), or the presentation of documentary film material (cameraman). Diploma theses in artistic specialties may be paintings, works of graphic or decorative applied art, sculpture, and stage scenery. Graduates of institutes of literature submit literary works for their theses. The defense of a thesis of a theoretical or experimental nature is stipulated for some specialties in higher technical schools instead of a diploma project. is written and submitted by the students in universities of some countries in continental Europe to get their Diplom degrees. In German speaking countries “Diplom” is equivalent to a combination of Bachelor’s Degree and a Master’s Degree. In Finland and some other Eastern European countries Diplomas are awarded only for Engineers. Most Diploma theses are written on Research work on Engineering, Technology and Science Topics. is a compulsory requirement for awarding a Diplom in these nations. But in other countries, there may be diplomas in marketing, accounting and other professional fields which is equivalent to a bachelors degree. A diploma is considered as equivalent as or higher than a .