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I gotta tell ya, I am with MJ above. I had my credit card out and was ready to buy, but fortunately I came across this list. I have read it from top to bottom a few times now and I see a clear pattern. I realize that [hopefully] this is temporary, but this release has been out for 10 days now, and still no documentation. Making promised deadlines is great, but every single one of these people are the ones that have propelled DIYThemes to the top, and alot of them sound pretty frustrated to me. I think that I will put my credit card away for awhile and just watch, what a non-member can see anyway, to see how the rest of this launch goes.

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UPDATE: In the first week of October, 2012, DIYThemes released their new Thesis 2.0 system. , DIYThemes – Thesis 2.0 Could Be a Game Changer.

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Eine Marke soll Vertrauen ausstrahlen, liest man in Deutschlands Volksenzyklopädie Nr. 1. Diese Maxime gilt auch für DIYthemes und Thesis, die in der WordPress-Premium-Liga ganz vorne mit dabei sind. WordPress und Thesis gelten als Dream Team für jeden ernsthaften Web-Publisher. Seit ein paar Tagen aber hat DIYthemes und damit auch Thesis mit einem enormen Imageverlust […]