Download Free Thesis WordPress Theme: Why you Should not?

If you have downloaded Thesis theme it from some free sites or given by some one for free, and your search engine ranking decreases, I believe by now you understand the reason.

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Now that you have thoroughly checked the source and have got the thesis sample, how would you utilize it efficiently? What should one look for in a downloaded thesis template that will really assist in moving forward with thesis writing...

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Do let us know if you ever downloaded Thesis theme from torrent or any other such sites? Are you a victim of infected WordPress theme?

Fact: When ever a premium product is launched within a day or two a cracked version of product is available on forums or on torrent site. Same is with . Thesis is a premium WordPress theme where basic license cost $87, Professional license cost $197 and basic plus license cost $164. People who buy thesis themes are mostly the professional and they understand the importance of having a premium theme. Despite of being very serious about Blogging and SEO for their blog many bloggers try to search for “Download Free Thesis Theme” on various search engine and torrent sites. Some of them even become lucky to get their hands on Free copy of .