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This 15 page paper outlines the online CD industry as regards cdwow, 101cd's and cd-wow. Company profiles are looked at briefly with an anlaysis of strengths and weaknesses in the industry. Third party reviews of 101cd is given as well as competition in the marketplace, and factors that have made them leaders in the industry. A brief overview of market orientation, predictions about the future of ecommerce and a comparison of European ecommerce to the rest of the world. Bibliography lists 15 sources.

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Can any WPtheme work with WPecommerce or must be WP ecommerce theme?
Is it nesesary to edit php code or just to configure plugin from WP control panel?

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I would have to agree with both Willie and Derek. Like I said in the tutorial, I would recommend using the category in the permalink for added “believability” of your shop. It is extremely important to provide your customers with as much assurance as possible that you are a legit business. Yes, Amazon uses numbers in their permalink, but they’re Amazon! They do not need to assure their customers that they are legit. However, most small businesses do. Sometimes it’s more important to remember who you are building a website for rather than anything else.