Example of a debatable thesis statement:

The structure and layout of a thesis and proposals can be confusing at times. To help graduate students who are currently working on their thesis or preparing a proposal for their thesis we have added some examples of proposals and a full thesis below:

Another example of a debatable thesis statement:

A custom example of a thesis statement can be made for the student based on information they provide to the writing service or professional. This means a student can have custom content created based on their topic. There are other benefits to consider in using custom examples for your writing assignment. You can work with a professional writer who understands the critical thinking and creative writing process behind thesis statements and sentences. You can review your topic from another perspective that free samples may not cover. Plus, getting customized sample content is fast, easy, and affordable.

Example of a thesis that is too broad:

An example of a thesis abstract is provided in Appendix M

A free example of a good thesis may not be what it seems. Your assignment likely has guidelines and standards it should follow. Free examples may not have the same format or present details in way that is acceptable for what you need to produce. Because free examples are available online for immediate access, you may not know where the content actually originated from or if was copied or resold from another source. Free examples of a thesis have been known for spelling, grammar, and proofreading errors. They may not make as a good study model for writers who are working to improve their writing abilities. For some students, they make the writing process more confusing because they feature different formatting and citation styles that is not related to the needs of their assignment.