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In the current age of technology and capitalism, many people get caught up in trying to define their individuality with mass produced goods. We see people with new shoes and outfits, bigger cars and rims, or even matching products from Ikea. In David Fincher's movie Fight Club, the narrator, who is commonly referred to as Jack, invents an alter ego to serve as a source of substance in the hallow world of corporate America. Edward Norton plays a typical American who goes to his nine to five job every day, does what he is told, has the same boring routine everyday, and seems to do whatever is reliable. His alter ego, named Tyler Durden, is portrayed as a completely psychologically and physically separate being throughout the movie. Fight Club tells the story of an everyman who wanders from the safety of his nine-to-five life into a no-man's-land of violence and social insurrection. The fight club becomes the means to prove and demonstrate their masculinity to themselves and each other.

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Throughout history, men are expected to temper their feelings and channel into workplace competition. The fight club is one of the places where they earn money and the fight club puts them to work despite broken bones and torn flesh. As always, men are required to put a 'manly' face to grin and bear it. They need to stand up and be proud. "What you see at fight club is a generation of men raised by women", by this statement it means that men are required to be hard and vicious and still go home to the warmth of a woman's tender embrace. But this is a fight club. Incontrollable men beat each other into mere pulp pieces acting like animals before they return back to their normal mundane jobs and the stereotypical life styles with their families. What lies behind the club though is terrible that it can blow all away (Foley, S. W. 2008).

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Themes in Fight Club book, analysis of key Fight Club themes

The narrator decided to combat insomnia; by going to different therapy groups before starting the fight club e.g. brain parasites, tuberculosis, and degenerative bone disease. He had undergone real pain and insomnia meant nothing to him. However fight club gave the narrator a new kind of release. During the day he and some members would gather in basements of bars and many other places, they would do what they do best and what people like they would fight. Tyler Durden being the one who is closest to Nietzsche's ubermench, who they say is in control and who has the total power. The narrator leaves fight club and notices that after only a night in fight club your word is the law and if anybody annoys you, you can't get mad. Fight gave the narrator what he had lost like his possessions, condor. But he was free and he gives the best advice saying when you loose everything you feel like doing almost anything (Bergin, M.S. 2006).