Time schedule and declaration of final thesis

You are about to complete your college education, and the time has come to write your final thesis. MAHLE will individually assist you with this project. As part of every college major. With skilled mentors. And practice-focused topics.

Please see the IntBBL students´ special conditions of graduating with final thesis .

The topic of the final thesis project can be very varied. Basically, three tracks can be taken in consideration:

- The final project further elaborates the studio Strategic planning of an urban region. It starts out from the questions which the originally proposed answer raises, and reiterates on the different problems that the original scheme would bring about in reality. The reiteration thus ambitions to formulate a more adequate and feasible answer, making use of the courses and experiences one has since encountered.

- Likewise, the final project can be a further elaboration of the studio Strategic design of an urban void. In that case, it might choose to arrive at a more sophisticated and feasible proposal by engaging in more detailed design based on the dynamic of the ongoing or intended planning or development process.

- Finally, the final thesis project can be centered on a topic proposed by the student. The latter can e.g. relate to a particular context of urbanization or a specific field of application by which the student is enthralled because of his/her personal involvement.

Each topic has to be proposed or accepted by an academic who acts as tutor/director of the thesis work/final project (the so-called ‘promotor’). Furthermore, the topic has to be approved by the POC that coaches the MAUSP program.

The final thesis copies will be used as follows:

For all final thesis topics, please see our job market. You can apply directly online.

The final thesis with all of the signatures of the committee members should be submitted to the head of the department, for his signature, at least one week prior to submission to the Graduate School.