Choose final thesis/program advisor and committee.

“I’ve run out of time, I can’t meet the deadline, how will I finish my thesis.” This is the cry of the often spotted student towards the end of their academic year as they realize that they are not going to meet the deadline for submission of their thesis. Not because they have not worked hard, not because they have not studied but because in today’s world the demands on our time are just so great.

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If you are going to the work at IDA then you can directly approach one of the full professors (lab leaders) at IDA that head a lab that contains the topics that you are interested in, and hope that he/she has a final thesis specified; or you can discuss it. The examiner and the supervisor of the thesis will be a person or two persons from the lab where you will be doing the work.

Finish thesis/research work, write up results.

Q: How do I know if I have the correct prerequisites for starting to do a final thesis work?

There is a report template for LaTeX users (see the page). Note! The LaTeX template is not an official IDA template for final thesis reports, but only meant as a first step in the report-writing process. However, currently (2006) there is an effort to create some official IDA LaTeX templates, initiated by .Your examiner has the final opinions on the formatting and layout of your report, if any.

Some of the brightest students sometimes have trouble finishing because they are so successful doing other things that may reasonably also be considered important. A very bright young fellow I know kept taking on temporary consulting jobs working for the UN in Brazil and all kind of other exciting and useful jobs. Working for the UN in Brazil is a great experience and you may not want to pass it up. But at some point finishing your Ph.D. outweighs taking on extra consulting jobs.Completing your degree is like running a marathon … and as with any marathon, you are likely to feel exhausted during the final leg of the race. You will most likely have to sacrifice a lot of time and sleep to complete this gigantic task, and will also experience some aches and pains. But after working so hard and coming so far, it’s important to keep going. I don’t know anyone who hasn't’t experienced exhaustion, sleep deprivation, anxiety and a handful of similar maladies when they were finishing up their degree; that’s all just part of the process. It will all be well worth it when you have that diploma in your hand and that dissertation under your belt!