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Fischer sought the cause of the war not “in the lack of ‘crisis management’ by the states involved,” but in the social interests of the ruling elites. He recognised that the other imperialist powers bore responsibility for the outbreak of the war, but that did not moderate the responsibility of the ruling class in Germany.

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Bloomberg News also reports that Fischer is the frontrunner for the job, citing a "person familiar," but says the White House has declined to comment on the reports.

The Causes of the First World War: The Fritz Fischer thesis

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In his work, , David Hackett Fischer assumesthe monstrous task of determining similarities between customs in variousEnglish regions and customs immigrants brought with them upon settlingin the “New World.” Fischer’s aim is to demonstrate not only regionalmigratory patterns, but also bonds tying American culture to England. What results is a massive work that deconstructs colonial society, providingdetailed glimpses into English colonies.