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Food and nutrition is recognized as a key health issue in Aboriginal communities throughout Canada. The purpose of this research is to understand how a Migmag First Nation on the Atlantic coast maintained food security at the individual, family and community levels. A qualitative phenomenological research approach included methods of participant observation, unstructured interviews and focus groups . The major findings of this research include the need to nurture to vitality the rich cultural relationship with food that the Migmag of this community have, the need to address environmental issues, the need to share knowledge and the need to support infrastructure to enhance community food security.

 (SIDA, 2003). Food insecurity in the long run may cause irreparable damage to livelihoods of

At the same time, none of the successful escapes from hunger was driven entirely by market forces. Governments have had to intervene in many ways to provide food security to their citizens. Stabilizing the economic environment, providing public goods such as transportation and communications networks, agricultural research and development, and access to quality health and educational facilities have all been essential in most environments.

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determinants of food security rather than livelihood strategies. Analytical works that

3) Strategies of food security of the Gulf countries
• What have been the different strategies pursued by the Gulf countries and why?
• Discuss the success or failures of these strategies?
• Explain why some states used different strategies when it comes to food security