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The format and content of the project report or paper are not controlled by University regulations but should follow the format of a thesis as described above. Students choosing the project option should develop a project proposal in conjunction with their major advisor that outlines the topics, scope, and objectives of the proposed project. The project topic will normally be in a common interest area to both the student and major advisor. The project proposal should be discussed with and approved by the student's M.S. Advisory Committee before the student begins the work associated with the project. A signed copy of the proposal must be placed in the student's permanent file.

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11.20.1 Under certain circumstances the procedures and arrangements for examination of a thesis may, with the approval of the Dean, Graduate Research School be varied from those prescribed in Rules 11.20.3 to 11.20.5. These circumstances include but are not limited to:

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Since copyright law protects only expression and not the underlying ideas, this problem can be avoided if, instead of incorporating the published article into your thesis/dissertation, you discuss the research underlying that article in a different way. This is often a sensible alternative to accommodate both copyright law and the longer and more discursive format of a thesis/dissertation.