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Notice that the Harvard GSAS format is only necessary for the bound(Archives) copy of the thesis, and its associated unbound (boxed) copy,both of which are submitted to the Registar's Office. Copies for your researchgroup, copies for your departmental library (in my case Physics ResearchLibrary), personal copies, etc, need not follow this format, andwill certainly look more professional if you play with the format (seebelow).In January 2000 the Harvard University GSAS format was updated. The new`Form of the Doctoral Thesis' handbook is available online As well as the two people it lists to contact at Pusey library (whose experteeslie mainly with the physical requirements), I found the Registrar'sOffice (5-1519, I spoke to Lauren Lemire but there maybe others there who can help) most useful. It seems some issues with thenew format are being ironed out and it is best to ask.

Please note that a thesis model is provided in for the format of your thesis.

Below are sample pages for the Cover page (outside cover), Title page, and Signature page. Preliminary pages for all theses must follow these specifications exactly. Consult these sample pages as well as the section on “Format of Thesis” above.

Appendix 1. Sample Cover page
Appendix 2. Sample Title page
Appendix 3. Sample Signature page

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Guidelines for the presentation and format of MA theses are as follows:

The master’s or doctoral thesis is required for the conferral of a graduate degree at Yonsei University. The manuscript is expected to be an original contribution to the student’s field of research and the result of sustained scholarship and research. The thesis will be held in the Yonsei University Library and made available to the public (on the Web as well as in printed forms). This booklet provides directions about the format of the thesis in order to help studentswrite their master’s or doctoral theses in English at Yonsei University.