Help For Your Thesis Writing Needs

The style manual of the academic discipline will answer many of the student’s questions. Additionally, the department may provide a list of guidelines for the thesis format, such as required length or number of sources. Often the student’s major professor can provide excellent recommendations on thesis format that will help the student organize the research and present it in an appealing, persuasive way.

Format footnotes for your thesis or dissertation following these guidelines:

The line is for the signature of your thesis advisor after you have passed your oral examination and corrections (if any) have been made. Be sure an original signature is on the archival copy. The signature on the second copy may be original or photocopied.


The structure for the manuscript-based thesis must conform to the following:

Other Helpful Information
If work from a previously published manuscript or from a manuscript accepted for publication is to be used in the thesis/dissertation, it is standard for the copyright of this material to be held by the journal. Consequently, permission from the journal to reproduce this copyrighted material must be obtained and included at the relevant sections of the thesis/dissertation. An example of the permission statement might read as “The following chapter has been published (accepted for publication) in the Journal of XYZ and appears in this thesis/dissertation with the journal’s permission. Any modifications of published work (e.g., those required by the advisory committee) should also be clarified.
This option is not meant to provide you with information specific to the style required by peer-reviewed journals in your discipline. If you have any questions concerning details of the preparation of the journal article chapters(s) that are not covered in this section, consult the journal’s guide for authors where your manuscript(s) will be published. It is the responsibility of the student and their advisory committee to insure that the journal style is followed.