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While the seemingly free association of ideas in the preliminary research stage may resemble the brainstorming processes used in pre-writing, the difference is that preliminary research limits the writer to ideas that are supported by sources. Thus, it prepares the writer to formulate a thesis or hypothesis that can be backed by research.

If the above argument is correct, then while Chisholm's position asregards intentionality is independent of and compatible with the so-called identity thesis, Sellars' position on intentionality requires that some form of the identity thesis be acceptable. Thus, so far as Chisholm's position wasconcerned we were not required to offer a defense of the identitythesis, for in order that Chisholm's views be correct it was notrequired that the identity thesis be correct. In particular, we did notfind it necessary to consider the argument that the identity thesisinvolves claiming that certain identities, which are cross-categorial,could be established. In order for Sellars' position to be acceptable,this objection to the identity thesis must be overcome. If thisobjection can be dealt with effectively, then we shall be in a positionto consider the revised form of the thesis of physicalism which wasformulated in the foregoing section.

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How do we manage to narrow the topic so as to formulate a thesis statement? The process begins when we start to think about choosing search terms or keywords. These online databases can help explore the depth of a topic and related issues.