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I'm new for xilinx FPGA . But I have good skill for CPLD. I can buy FPGA Spartan3 XC3S200F or XC3S200F4 in my country. ( I have no cradit card, So I can't buy from another country) . I'm try to read many FPGA thesis. Almost that use Virtex FPGA because It easy to do Image processing or Network Processing. I'm not sure about Spartan3 XC3S200 how to interface with image processing or network processing. Do you have any idea? Can you suggest me for use it build any thesis.

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The greatest obstacle in implementing self-replication in our FPGAlies in the fact that we cannotdefine the size of ourcells. Thus, we require a system capable of configuring a finite two-dimensionalarray of elements (the FPGA) as a two-dimensional array of identical configuration, each containing a single cell. Obviously, this problem bears a considerableresemblance to self-replication in cellular automata: similarities existbetween the CA elements and the FPGA elements (molecules) and between aloop and a processor (cells). By exploiting this resemblance, we can observethat the structural phase of our self-replication mechanism can indeedbe a solution to the problem of configuring our FPGA.