French Revolution and Thesis Development

An example of a cause of the French Revolution is the dominance of the Enlightenment ideas during that time. The thinkers of the Enlightenment wanted the best for their fellow citizens and to accomplish this, they openly endorsed revolution. These ideas of reason led the Third Estate to form the National Assembly because they put faith in the people that they were the most important of France. While the upper classes wanted to keep their privileges and maintain the old ways, the Third Estate was no longer going to put up with being overruled because they were out-numbered. Also, the Enlightenment ideas became the basis to the Declaration of Rights of Man. The document stated all citizens had natural rights and gave the French lower class a chance to rise to the level of the upper class.

Thesis - The French Revolution of 1789

One cause of the French Revolution was the formation of the National Assembly, which was the representation of the French people. Their main goal was to create a constitution for France. In order to accomplish this objective, the National Assembly, made mostly of the Third Estate, invited members from upper estates to meet with them. When their meeting place was closed off, the members of the National Assembly went t

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French Revolution Thesis?

The French Revolution Thesis: The French Revolution was a crucial event in Western History, and possibly the single most crucial influence on British intellectual, philosophical, and political life in the ...