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With global warming on the increase and species’ habitats on the decrease, the chances for various ecosystems to adapt naturally are diminishing.

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Not the least of his efforts was his bid to suppress an article co-authored by Dr Revelle just before his death. Gore didn't want it to be known that his guru had urged that the global warming thesis should be viewed with more caution.

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If the actually think there is no global warming then how about sell everthing you own and purchase water front property in the Maldives.

My political leanings incline me to be skeptical of most environmental scaremongering. But the global warming thesis was not hatched by a small band of granola-gobbling Sixties flotsam. Many scientists working independently in different disciplines over the past several decades followed clues that led to this hypothesis. That’s how major earth science discoveries are frequently made, like plate tectonics. Speaking as someone who grew up reading science columns by Isaac Asimov, and knows little more about science than what I read in the popular monthlies and on PBS, I think there is more to global warming than can be dismissed with some smashing jeers by conservative commentaters. It bears watching, and study, though of course we shouldn’t allow ourselves to be buffaloed into precipitate action until we’re all convinced of the need for it.