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The most glaring flaw in much globalization theory is the assumption that it is essentially an economic process: neo-liberal practices are displacing political regulation of the marketplace in response to internationalization. The actual history and dynamics of capitalist development belie this notion, however. In his wide ranging analysis of industrial capitalism first published in 1944, Karl Polanyi (2001) shows why economic revolutions are also political revolutions. Surveying the industrial world since the late 18th century, Polanyi noted why the role of government in Great Britain was essential to the birth and development of industrial capitalism. In The Great Transformation he observes that the idea of a self regulating market was at the heart of the industrial revolution. It constituted a new and powerful organizing force, eventually redefining the fundamental relationships among land, labor and capital as it spread throughout the West. In this sense the industrial revolution was an economic revolution—markets became the primary means by which society attempted to solve its major economic problems, a major departure in Western social development.

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Migration is a significant aspect of globalization that has not only economic but also social and cultural effects. While migration is not unique to the present age, communication and transportation technologies allow migrants a greater opportunity to maintain links with their homelands. More porous borders raise questions about notions of citizenship and identity. While challenges to national identity may come from supranational entities such as the European Union, globalization at the same time may facilitate the triggering of more local, particularistic identities.