Google amplifies the error of an obscure Italian SF blog

In the Handelsblatt, he congratulated Döpfner for being courageous enough to confront the global market master Google in the media. The public confrontation had long been overdue, he continued. Rainer Brüderle finished his commentary by saying that the Europeans had to push for rigid transatlantic rules of competition that make it possible to break up market dominators. So when in doubt, he concluded, the motto should be to "break up Google."

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I guess I still fail to see why Google is different from other big tech companies with a cash cow and nowhere to go. Microsoft has made the majority of its revenue from Windows and Office for decades, but it has always launched me-too iniatives and indulged in strategically-irrelevant acquisitions, much like Google. It also, like most companies, has labs and develops all sorts of interesting prototype technologies. The only difference with Google is the unprecedented level of uncritical media attention, likely due to its position as a search and ad monopoly, so that we are all exposed to the constant drumbeat of its self-aggrandising propaganda.