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Upon deposit of your thesis to Booth Library the librarian will submit an online notice to the Graduate School notifying the certification officer who will record the completion of your thesis for your degree requirements. You will receive a confirmation email from the certification officer.

Graduate School Thesis Resources

Submit a title page to the Graduate School for the thesis/dissertation certification process. Please format the title page according to the Pretext Pages Template (see above for a template download link.) You can deliver them to the Graduate School office or

The Graduate School Thesis and Dissertation Guide

Graduate School Thesis/Dissertation Office - Purdue University

All thesis-option graduate students at Purdue must deposit the final products of their research with the Purdue University Graduate School Thesis/Dissertation Office.

Students are advised to submit their completed theses/dissertations to the Graduate School before the posted deadlines to facilitate the formatting process and to avoid the last-minute rush at the end of each quarter. Students are also advised to make the corrections noted on the thesis/dissertation before returning the document for a subsequent check. If corrections have not been made, the document will be returned to the student. The Graduate School at the University of New Orleans began accepting electronic versions of Theses and Dissertations in 2001. As of August 2006, the collection of over 400 manuscripts is housed with, institutional repository for the University of New Orleans.

If you would like to access a manuscript you may go to:

TheUNO Thesis & Dissertation Collectionportal ()