Master of Graphic Design Thesis Project, 2013

I suspect that this is connected to my idea of what a graphic design thesis project should not be: a gussied-up display of whatever one happens to find interesting. To that extent, a report on the Situationists would not be appropriate. A report on (or a project that demonstrates) how design could be radically changed “through the direct application of situationism” could be a suitable project but I still have no real idea what you might mean by that.

Yale Graphic Design Thesis Show 2012, 2012

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CGD 4090. Graphic Design Thesis I. 3 Credits.

CGD 4091. Graphic Design Thesis II. 3 Credits.

The show draws further inspiration from other designers engaged in the critical exhibition of graphic design, including Peter Bil’ak’s Graphic Design in the White Cube (2006) and Julia Born’s Title of the Show (2009) as well as the cover of XTC’s Go 2 album by Hipgnosis (1978). In their work, these designers expose the systems of the conceptualization, production, exhibition, and distribution of graphic design.