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Third, students who wish to write great theses will couple their ideas with their research in a dynamic union. They will incorporate the research material in natural ways that flow well with the argument, and they will not make any unsupported claims. They will anticipate the readers' objections and calm them by offering solid explanations of why opposing viewpoints do not threaten their ideas' viability.

Avoid burying a great thesis statement in the middle of a paragraph or late in the paper.

When writing a research paper, your thesis statement is a very important part of your essay, because it is the first thing your professors will see when they read your paper. The purpose of a thesis statement is to explain the main idea of your research paper, what you are trying to answer, and to inspire those reading it, to want to learn more about the subject. It is the hook that will reel your audience in and prepare them for the rest of the paper. Writing a great thesis statement takes a lot of critical thinking about what you are researching. However, you cannot expect to be able to write a great thesis statement, until after you have done your research. With that in mind, here are some helpful tips to get you started.

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The thesis statement states the main idea or the purpose of an essay. A great thesis statement has the following properties:

A always begins with a great idea, because no academic writing can be stronger than the idea that drives it. Then, to support that great idea, the writer performs thorough, creative research and argues the idea eloquently in the writing. Finally, great theses undergo an intensive editing and revising stage.

Crafting a quality thesis is one of the most critical stages of any writing assignment. A good thesis can make the rest of the process far easier and more streamlined. In fact, one of the major problems with any paper that isn’t up to snuff is almost always a poorly chosen thesis. But finding the inspiration for a great thesis isn’t always easy. It may be that the subject is so broad that narrowing down a great topic is difficult. It may be that the topic is a narrow one, so finding a thesis that there’s enough to write about is hard. In any case, there are a variety of different brainstorming methods and prompts that can help you find your way around these obstacles. One of these is to consider your audience.