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Gun control is undoubtedly one of the most commonly chosen . This issue is among the most controversial social aspects of modern life, along with capital punishment prohibition, gay marriage legalization, legalization of cannabis, or abortion prohibition, which have been discussed in public mass media and academic studies of professional writers for more that twenty years. The advantages of choosing gun control issue for your academic essay are numerous. First of all, it is possible to find numerous reputable and valid academic sources with plenty of interesting information regarding this issue, which would provide you with a great deal of excellent ideas and arguments to support your point of view, regardless of your being an opponent or a proponent of gun control. Besides, this topic is large enough to start and develop interesting discussion and keep the attention of your reader, give him many facts and ideas to think over when developing own opinion as to gun control and the main controversy which accompanies this issue.

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On January 8th, 2013, the Newtown, Connecticut elementary school shooting occurred and took the lives of 27 students and teachers. This tragedy, at first, dropped jaws across the nation but immediately after caused an enormous social riot about gun control and the laws surrounding them. Shortly after the incident, President Obama made a statement on the matter and sent his condolences to those directly affected. He did not, however, let his stance on gun control be known. About one week later, Vice President Joe Biden came out at a press conference stating that, “something will be done about the gun violence,” indicating that the President had intentions to strengthen the gun control laws (Fox News). The important underlying information to be noted is Joe Biden’s political résumé. During the Clinton Presidential era, Biden was a very strong proponent and leading force of the 1994 Assault Weapons ban.

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