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Sergei Bezrukov: Habilitation Thesis

Many, especially researchers in the , as well as young researchers, have long demanded the abandonment of the habilitation as they think it to be an unnecessary and time-consuming obstacle in a scientific career, contributing to the of talented young researchers who think their chances of getting a professorship at a reasonable age to be better abroad and hence move, for example, to the UK or USA. Many feel overly dependent on their supervising Principal Investigators (the professor heading the research group) as superiors have the power to delay the process of completing the habilitation. A further problem comes with funding support for those who wish to pursue an habilitation where older candidates often feel discriminated against, for example under the DFG's Emmy-Noether programme. Furthermore internal "soft" money might be only budgeted to pay for younger postdoctoral scientists. Because of the need to chase short-term research contracts, many researchers in the natural sciences apply for more transparent career development opportunities in other countries (eg in the UK, which provides more funding for senior postdoctoral positions, more lectureships, many more third-party fellowship funding opportunities including the 5-year RCUK fellowship and Value in People awards, no academic culture of age discrimination, and also the postgraduate (postdoctorate) diplomas in Higher Education and Learning & Research /Academic Development). In summary, a peer-reviewed demonstration of a successful academic development and international out-look is considered more than compensation for an habilitation where there is evidence of grant applications, well-cited publications, a network of collaborators, lecturing and organisational experience, and experience of having worked and published abroad.

S. Duplij: Habilitation Thesis - University of Minnesota

The habilitation board evaluates the scholarly or artistic qualifications of the applicant in the relevant field, his/her previous pedagogical experience and the quality of the habilitation thesis, referring to materials submitted by the applicant, reports supplied by the reviewers and evaluation reports of the applicant’s public lecture. The habilitation board subsequently votes by secret ballot on whether or not the applicant should be nominated for appointment to Associate Professor.

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Habilitation thesis

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